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UTM Engineering & Processing Solutions (PTY) Ltd

Laser Rust Removal

A Power For Innovation!

We’re experts in Rust Prevention and Rust Removal, all products are clean, safe, easy-to-use and extremely effective. Whether it’s rust prevention or rust removal, we save our customers time, money and effort to keep their metal parts rust-free, 24/7.

Laser cleaning equipment is a new generation of industrial surface cleaning laser system. It adopts the advanced laser source, laser optical scanners and control system to meet the requirements of metal surface cleaning process. It can be customized according to customer requirements to develop a dedicated cleaning system.

Widely used for the surface laser degreasing, laser paint removal, laser removal of zinc, laser film removal, laser cleaning, such as coating, etc.

Removing Rust/Oxides From Metals

Laser cleaning — also known as laser ablation — uses thousands of focused laser light pulses per second to remove contaminants from products like military vehicles, aircraft, and car manufacturing parts. Unlike other alternatives of cleaning and welding prep, laser ablation doesn’t damage the substrate. You’ll receive a precision cleaning without requiring additional clean-up or producing added waste. While laser solutions aren’t efficient for large surface areas, they work effectively on smaller, targeted areas — often cleaning 15 times faster than media blasting options like sandblasting.

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