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Viva personeelwerwing (recruiter)

Personeelwerwing (recruiter)

Recruitment, selections and assessment services

Who are we?

Viva Recruitment consists of Registered Psychologists, Psychometrists and experienced recruiters who have all have many years of experience with interviews and psychological testing.  In addition we have either worked for companies or consulted to various organisations in most sectors of the economy. We therefore have the experiences and the competencies to recruit, assess, select and recommend the best candidate(s) for a recruitment assignment.

Risk reduction:

To fill a job vacancy is an expensive endeavour. It has been estimated that that the cost to fill a job vacancy can vary between 1.5 to 3 times the position’s annual cost. This would include factors such the previous incumbent slacking during the period she/he has decided to leave, recruitment cost, management’s time spent in job interviews, training and development costs and many other costs. If the wrong candidate is selected for an appointment you can see how costly an inappropriate appointment can be. This is where Viva Recruitment can help by reducing the risk inherent in a new appointment. We do this by matching the job requirements and competencies required with that of candidates. We also do psychometric tests to get a better understanding of the candidate.

Competitive fees:

We aim to establish a long term professional relationship with our clients by offering a superior service at a placement fee 10(ten) percent of the annual remuneration package of a job vacancy.

What can clients expect?

We will not give our clients poorly designed and written CVs. All candidates whom we introduce will be in the form a recommendation report which will include biographical details, educational qualifications, work experience, personal competencies, matching job requirements and a brief psychological evaluation.

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